French Podcasts

posted Mar 16, 2011, 6:12 AM by Marc Snyder   [ updated Jul 16, 2014, 4:21 PM by Amandine Revol ]

French podcasts


Major broadcasters


Radio France


France Culture

Particularly recommended programmes:

Projection privée (‘good for film buffs’);

La Fabrique de l’histoire (‘Histoire des idées more than pure history’);

Les Pieds sur terre (100% verbal testimonials, in clear  everyday French);

Cultures d’Islam (‘a lay Muslim cultural trip’);

L’Invité du jour (‘short interviews’);

La Fabrique de l’humain (‘a little long but nicely edited’);

Les Nouveaux Chemins de la connaissance (‘French equivalent of ‘In Our Time’; ‘has got l'"ex de Carla" presenting it, but it can be quite good’);

Les Lundis de l’histoire;

Poème du jour;

Mauvais genres (‘all pop stuff such as polar, BD, sci-fi’);

Les Enjeux internationaux;

Répliques (with Alain Finkielkraut);


France Inter

Particularly recommended programmes:

La Marche de l’histoire (‘the most downloaded podcast in France’);

Les Liaisons heureuses (‘if the guests are good’);

Le Masque et la plume (‘A real institution and fun to listen to’, ‘incredibly popular with Parisian arts/humanities students’ but ‘critics sometimes annoying’);

Le Grand Entretien;



France Info

Recommended: Le Sens de l’info (with Michel Serres)


Radio France Internationale

Particularly recommended:

Le Journal en français facile (‘not so facile as all that’ but comes ‘complete with transcript, and a “fait du jour” with comprehension questions and answers’);

Géopolitique: le débat;

Autour de la question



(local and regional news)


Télévision Suisse Romande

Particularly recommended:

Geopolitis (international current affairs)

Nuovo (quirky current affairs programme, often with a focus on science and technology).


Le Monde




(I admit I found the website rather confusing and the podcasts not really podcasts.)


Other sources


Tous les podcasts (portal)


Collège de France

‘most are lecture-length and meant for a university audience’







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